Guide to washing feathers

Instructions for washing feathers

This is how to wash your down comforters and feather bedding the right way!

Instructions for washing feathers

Modern down comforters and feather pillows on offer from Seibersdorfer today are generally washable.

Due to the particularly fine, soft construction of the down batiste cover, however, regular washing is only recommended under certain conditions. Conventional household washing machines are not designed to handle the large volume of a down comforter during spinning, and particularly during the drying process.

Our recommendation:

Our recommendation: Take your down comforter to a specialist laundromat to be cleaned by professional bedding specialists every five years or so.

If you wish to wash your down product yourself, we recommend the following process:

1. Wash the product on a delicate cycle and use a special down detergent or a mild liquid detergent.

2. 40°C is high enough to clean the down product to a high standard. If you have a dust allergy, our down products can also be washed at up to 60°C.

3. Add the detergent very sparingly on account of the low weight of the down product.

4. Never use fabric softener. This would cause the fine down structure to stick together.

5. Put the spin cycle on a low setting.

6. Before the drying cycle, remove the down comforter from the drum and aerate it.

7. Then put the dryer on a low setting and add three tennis balls to the dryer along with the comforter.

8. You may need to put the comforter back in the dryer for a second cycle after a break of at least half an hour.

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