Storage and Delivery

Storage and Delivery

One of the key secrets to Seibersdorfer’s success lies in the manufacture of products that meet customers’ individual requirements. And these requirements are often only pinned down very late on…

We are also able to produce bespoke orders such as unusual dimensions and custom-made items within a surprisingly short space of time.

For the storage of our plentiful feather and down supplies, we have developed our own stackable roller container system in our warehouses. For packaging material such as cardboard boxes and zip-up bags, we have a spacious high-bay warehouse.

High tech in bed

A lot of steps are necessary before a cozy down comforter or a fluffy pillow is delivered to our customers:

After the feather raw material from a goose farm reaches our company, the pre-dusting is carried out after weighing. The actual cleaning process takes place in a modern, computer-controlled washing machine with a capacity of 100 kg per lot. For the pre-wash and the main wash, about 40°C warm water is used, and the up to eight rinsing cycles are made with clean, clear water from the company’s own spring. In order to additionally relieve the biological wastewater treatment plant of the municipality of Wampersdorf, a new pre-filter and grease separation plant was installed a few years ago.

In the course of the drying process, the feathers and down are sterilized at over 100° C for a short time. This means that bacteria or even dust mites are not an issue – in contrast to imported goods from countries far away from the EU: bacteriological tests have repeatedly shown that these manufacturers – to put it cautiously – do not take hygiene very seriously!

After sorting into three different feather sizes and down in one of the largest sorting facilities, the fillings are ready for filling to the exact gram using high-performance, precise cassette filling machines.

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