Heat levels

Heat levels

Heat levels for our products

To enable the appropriate down bedding to be selected for the relevant season, heat requirements, or temperature in the bedroom, most manufacturers offer at least five different heat levels.

Heat level 1 – extra-light:

for hot summer nights and people who get particularly hot at night

Heat level 2 – light:

for the warm part of the year from spring to fall, with a little extra for slightly cooler nights. Also highly recommended for waterbeds.

Heat level 3 – medium:

the “all-year-round” bedding. A good compromise for those whose bedroom stays a relatively consistent temperature.

Heat level 4 – warm:

cozy during the cold season.

Heat level 5 – extra-warm:

warm winter bedding for those who like to sleep with the window open during the winter, or those who simply feel the cold.

When choosing, good, in-depth advice from experienced advisors is the be-all and end-all!

Heat levels

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