The ideal bedding for allergy sufferers – breathe easy!

If you are allergic to dust, then down and feather bedding is the perfect solution for you.

Representative studies in Central Europe have now shown that there is no reason why dust allergy sufferers should not use feather and down bedding. Down and feathers do not generally cause any allergic reactions in the respiratory system, like asthma and hay fever. It is very rare for someone to have a specific allergy to feathers.

Three reasons why down and feather bedding is ideal for deterring mites:

  • Feather and down comforters are not a preferred environment for dust mites. With normal care, virtually no mites will be found in this bedding. This is because the dense weave of the cover fabric forms a practically impenetrable barrier for these creatures.
  • Mites are dependent on moisture. This means that down comforters, which quickly build up heat and rapidly reduce moisture with ventilation while you are sleeping, are a very unfavorable environment for the mites.
  • Dust mites can be found in every home and every bedroom. They feed on the tiny flakes of skin that we are constantly and unavoidably shedding. Feathers and down, on the other hand, are no food for mites.

Ideal bedding for allergy sufferers from Seibersdorfer Bettfedern- und Daunenfabrik


Scientific Sources:

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